Rider Registration opens July 1st

Host Hotel Info. 

The Federal Hotel
Only 40 rooms available Thurs/Fri/Sat. Aug. 26th practice, racing 27th and 28th 
If you have been here before you know they go fast. Book now or whine later!!                             

Call to book
phone: 775-883-0900 or 775-882-7569
address: 900 South Carson St. Carson City, NV 89701

Friday Aug 27 & Aug 28th 2021

Registration closed from 8/10-8/11 5pm for routine system maintenance.

Pit Gates open 8AM: Check in 9:30 AM, Heat Races 11:00 AM, Amateur mains to follow.

Pro/ Hooligan/ Running of the Buls: Check in before 3:00 PM

Pro/ Hooligan/ Running of the Buls: Practice 5:00 PM Heats 7:30 PM


Want a special class? 5 entries to make class.

Want to race your buddies for bragging rights? 5 to make a class.

Send your request in to ontrac702@gmail.com   

Note! Pro Riders interested in the Deuce Sat. Aug. 28th night, must send in resume/bio to 

ontrac702@gmail.com by July 15th to be considered  5K purse

Practice dates Aug.21/26th   4pm to 8pm Fee $40.00 

Classes and descriptions: 5 to make a race, please read class descriptions carefully before registration.

50cc 4 stroke or electric (Afternoon program under 8 years old, open traction)

50cc 2 stroke (Afternoon program under 8 years old, open traction)

65/110cc youth ages 7-12 (Afternoon program class C tires)

85/150cc youth ages 8-14 (Afternoon program class C tires)

125cc (Afternoon program class C tires, or trials rear with knobby front allowed)

140/230cc (Afternoon program class C tires, or trials rear tire with knobby front allowed)

250cc age 12+ (Afternoon program Class C tires)

450cc age 14+ (Afternoon program Class C tires)

Vet age 35+ (Afternoon program)

Senior age 45+ (Afternoon program)

Super Senior age 55+ (Afternoon program)

Buls/framers/vintage 2 strokes (Afternoon program,1980 or older, single cylinder, age 16+)

Run what you brung (Afternoon program, class C tires or trials rear, knobby front allowed under 250cc, over 250cc class C tires only)

Open Amateur (Afternoon program class c tires 250cc+, age 12+)

Vintage (Afternoon program Pre-1982, air-cooled, 2 valve, Class C tires, age 35+)

Hooligan (Evening program 750cc+ must have started as a street bike, class C tires, age 16+)

Open Pro (Evening program 250cc+, class C tires, age 16+)

Running of the Buls (Evening program bultaco, class C tires, age 16+)

Parking inside is limited, No vehicles allowed inside pit area, Bring your pop-ups and race wagons. Camping is only allowed over the bridge. All other must drop and go. (Yes, even vans, trailers, and pickups must be parked in the designated parking area outside the pits.)

Class Registration Fees  $/Pre Entry  $/Post Entry  

Pre Entry Closes Wednesday August 25th at 6:00 PM

50cc or Electric  $20.00/Pre   $40.00/Post  

65cc  $20.00/Pre   $40.00/Post

85cc  $20.00/Pre   $40.00/Post

125cc  $20.00/Pre   $40.00/Post 

140/230cc   $40.00/Pre   $80.00/Post

250cc amateur   $40.00/Pre  $80.00/Post

Open amateurs    $40.00/Pre   $80.00/Post

Framers/Buls/Two Strokes   $40.00/Pre   $80.00/Post

Vet 35+   $40.00/Pre   $80.00/Post

Senior 45+   $40.00/Pre   $80.00/Post

Vintage age 35+  $40.00/Pre   $80.00/Post

Super Senior 55+   $40.00/Pre   $80.00/Post

Run What U brung   $40.00/Pre   $80.00/Post

Pro Classes: Friday/Saturday evening Aug.27/28 Pro Purse 5k per night 

Open Pro    $80.00/Pre     $120.00/Post

Running of the Buls    $60.00/Pre     $100.00/Post

Hooligans    $60.00/Pre     $100.00 /Post                        


Firemen vs Police benefit race, Friday night only!

Must be active duty to register, register with the correct fire or police departments below

Contact Kevin Repan for Fire registration: kevinrepan@yahoo.net

Contact Mike Cullen for Police registration: mcullen@carson.org

*** Note! barn space available $50.00 for the weekend, bring your own locks(x2).*** 

E-mail: Ontrac702@gmail.com to reserve your space before they sell out!