Purse and Shinko Contingency Information

 Carson City’s Outlaw Flat Track Fuji Park Aug.27/28 2021 

Pro riders Must Run Shinko Tires and be checked off by a Shinko Tire Rep to be eligible for Contingency.                                                   

  Pro Pay-out + Shinko Contingency                                                                                                      

  1. $1400(Purse)+$1,000(Shinko) 

  2. $1000(Purse)+$700(Shinko)

  3.   $750(Purse)+$600(Shinko) 

  4.   $550(Purse)+$500(Shinko)

  5.   $350(Purse)+$400(Shinko)

  6.   $225(Purse)+$300(Shinko)

  7.   $160(Purse)+$200(Shinko)

  8.   $140(Purse)+$150(Shinko)

  9.   $120(Purse)+$125(Shinko)

  10.   $115(Purse)+$100(Shinko)

  11.   $100(Purse)+$75(Shinko)    

  12.     $90(Purse)+$50(Shinko) 


Hooligan Pay-out + Shinko Contingency

1. $250(Purse)+$500(Shinko)

2. $150(Purse)+$200(Shinko)

3. $100(Purse)+$100(Shinko)

Total weekend pay out $27,000 between Cash/Contingency!


Eligibility Rules

To be eligible for the Shinko Tire Contingency Program, you must purchase a SET of Shinko tires from an authorized Western Power Sports or HardDrive Shinko tire dealer, have proof of purchase (valid within 60 days of the race), and check in with Shinko Tire representative at Fuji Park Flat Track. Payout will be coming directly from Western Power Sports (WPS). Contingency form MUST be filled out and checked off by Shinko Tire representative prior to your heat race.

Amateur Racers

Frtiday and Saturday Amateur classes are eligible for discount coupons. Discount coupons will be available to 2nd & 3rd place finishers in main events. Discount coupons are redeemable at a Western Power Sports or HardDrive dealer. Class winners will receive a FREE set of Shinko Flat Track Tires. Eligible classes will be posted prior to heat races. No tire purchase is required for amateur racers.

The Deuce is invite only! 

8 riders: bracket racing: 2 riders at a time, winner advances.

Deuce riders must send Bio to ontrac702@gmail.com in order to be considered.